The Messel Pit fossil site (Grube Messel) is part of the World Natural Heritage. Here I briefly describe what it is all about and give practical tips for a visit.
Beitragsbild Schrebergärten
will be translated soon “Schrebergärten” oder “Kleingärten” sind für manche Ausländer, aber besonders für nichteuropäische erklärungsbedürftig. […]
Insults or swear words – these are often the first words you learn in a language. […]
One of the first questions I asked my friend David from Australia when I met him […]
Peteris, my friend from Latvia, likes Bavarian folk festivals (Volksfest) like I do. In 2018 we […]
Introducing political terms in Germany. Their meaning and use in political discussion.
Here I will write about surnames in Germany. That this can be interesting, I have noticed […]
Carnival: Karneval, Fasching, Fastnacht… As so often in Germany there are different names for one and […]
Here I would like to list some important or recommendable German films, series and television series. […]
After writing about the Christmas season in another post, I would like to write about the festival itself. About what is closely related to time, Christmas Eve, the Christmas holidays and the time after Christmas.
I would like to give an overview of the Christmas season and Christmas itself with some […]
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