Germany for beginners

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whats this about?

Germany for Beginners imparts cultural knowledge about Germany. I am writing here about everyday and special things. For people who have come to Germany for a certain period of time: Keyword integration. Or Germans with a recent migration history: Keyword assimilation. But also for Germans who cannot do anything with the concept of the German Leitkultur. Also for those interested in Germany and tourists who want a deeper insight. I know from people all over the world what the questions are that people ask about Germany. These are my inspiration.


Surnames in Germany

Here I will write about surnames in Germany. That this can be interesting, I have noticed several times. For example, […]


work and economy


Bavarian Volksfest

Peteris, my friend from Latvia, likes Bavarian folk festivals (Volksfest) like I do. In 2018 we visited as many festivals […]


politics and society

Political terms

Introducing political terms in Germany. Their meaning and use in political discussion. […]



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