Germany for beginners

Everyday and special things. Not only for interested persons, tourists, guests, expats and recently immigrants. Also for Germans, because national culture concerns everyone.


Peteris, my friend from Latvia, likes Bavarian folk […]
Carnival: Karneval, Fasching, Fastnacht… As so often in […]
After writing about the Christmas season in another post, I would like to write about the festival itself. About what is closely related to time, Christmas Eve, the Christmas holidays and the time after Christmas.
I would like to give an overview of […]


Insults or swear words – these are often […]
Here I will write about surnames in Germany. […]

politics and society

will be translated soon “Schrebergärten” oder “Kleingärten” sind […]
Introducing political terms in Germany. Their meaning and use in political discussion.
Here I would like to list some important […]

work and economy

One of the first questions I asked my […]

history and sightseeing

The Messel Pit fossil site (Grube Messel) is part of the World Natural Heritage. Here I briefly describe what it is all about and give practical tips for a visit.

whats “Germany for Beginners” about?

Germany for Beginners imparts cultural knowledge about Germany. I am writing here about everyday and special things. For people who have come to Germany for a certain period of time: Keyword integration. Or Germans with a recent migration history: Keyword assimilation. But also for Germans who cannot do anything with the concept of the German Leitkultur. Also for those interested in Germany and tourists who want a deeper insight. I know from people all over the world what the questions are that people ask about Germany. These are my inspiration.

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