about me

I am Robert Behrendt

My way through space and time

Born 1987 in Pasewalk, north-east Germany. Raised in the post-socialistic countryside of the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

I studied at the University of Rostock.

From 2013 to 2020 I lived in Würzburg, Bavaria. Now I live in the city of Neustrelitz.

What I’m doing

Since 2014 I work in a small software company.

2021 I additionally started an own business “seenplatte.guide Touren & Services” where I offer guided tours

What else do I do

I am interested in history, society, politics and cultural issues.

I hike, on foot or by bike. I enjoy going on city trips, producing videos and taking photos.

What defines me

I am an open person, enjoy, am meticulous and pragmatic, sometimes brave and never get bored.


“Quite a nerd, but someone who knows what he wants.”

my topics

I keep posting articles on this website

Germany for beginners

 One of the biggest questions in our society is that of a German guiding culture. You don’t care enough about it and accept that we will drift apart into different groups. Through many friends and acquaintances, I keep
thinking about how to authentically describe this Germany in which we live.


I like to know my city. I publish information from my research here. This should also give others a comprehensive view of Neustrelitz. (just in German)

politics & media

Analysis, opinion, projects. Whether local, state or federal politics. For me, the media are part of the political arena. (just in German)

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